Category Descriptions

Job listing are organized by function and party, with two broad categories for campaigns and internships.

R-Congress, D-Congress

Contains jobs in the House and Senate.  Examples include Intern, Staff Assistant, Legislative Correspondent, Field Representative, Constituent Services Representative, Legislative Assistant, Legislative Director, Scheduler, Field Director, District Director, and Chief of Staff.


Contains jobs relating to communications, public relations, and public affairs.  Examples include Communications Associate, Communications Director, Media Relations Representative, Communications Researcher, Vice President for Communications, New Media Director and related job titles.


Contains jobs primarily related to policy research and formulation.  Examples include Legislative Assistant, Legislative Director, Policy Associate, Policy Researcher, Research Associate, Senior Research Associate, Vice President for Policy and related job titles.


Contains jobs related to administrative functions including management, fundraising, and management assistants.  Examples include Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Scheduler, Executive Assistant, Vice President of Operations, Staff Assistant, Fundraising Associate, Finance Director, and related job titles whose primary focus is the administrative operation of the organization.


Contains jobs for both political and advocacy campaigns.  May be cross-posted with functional categories.


Contains jobs specifically labeled as internships, both paid and unpaid.  May be cross-posted with functional categories.


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