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Go to We use Paypal to process our subscriptions because it’s a recognized, trusted brand that provides a high level of security and privacy, but you do not need a Paypal account to subscribe.

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We do not charge any organizations to post job listings (to avoid any legal issues with in-kind contributions to political candidates). If your organization wants to use to recruit talented people, start emailing your job listings to More info is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the site work?

We collect jobs from lists, public sources, government web sites, and from submissions directly to our site, put it all together, and charge a low subscription fee.

Why should I pay to use

You could spend most of your time wading through the internet looking for job listings, or you can spend most of your time actually applying to jobs, and leave collecting the job posts to us.

Why do you charge for your site?

Because it’s worth it! We also want to keep the site ad-free, cover our operating costs, and reduce the chance of resume spamming. We decided on $5/mo to accomplish these goals and still keep the site affordable enough so a subscription would cost the same as a cup of coffee at many national coffee chains.

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How many months do I have to subscribe and how do I cancel?

No minimum number of months and no startup fees! You can subscribe, pay $5, and cancel after 1 month. To cancel, simply log into your Paypal account and cancel your subscription whenever you want!

Are you a scam?

Nope! We have competitors who use the same business model as we do. We aggregate job listings from more than a dozen sites and listservs, and accept job postings from employers, and we provide all of them for one low $5 monthly fee, no other fees, cancel whenever. That way, job seekers can spend most of their time applying for jobs, instead of wading through the internet trying to find job listings. If you still have your doubts, give us a try. We think you’ll find the convenience and features well worth it.

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